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Add new Media to Master Server

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I have recently built a new backup server with Fibre Attached Tape Device and netbackup 7.7.3 installed as same as all our servers, the only thing different is the OS version but I have been informed that this isin't an issue.

What action do i need to do next. I know I am supposed to add the server to the media server list on the master server but I am struggling to find any decent instructions as what I am finding is just saying add anew server to the serve list but doesn't actually tell you how.

1. How to add the new server to the master server?

2. How to add the new tape drive so it can been seen in netbackup on the new server as it cant see anything at the moment?

3. is there anything else i am missing?



Level 3

The switch zoning has been completed and I can see the tape drive in device manager

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The list of servers is under Host Properties > Master server

Personally, I just add it directly into the registry - I can't remember the full path for sure, but if you hunt around you should find it - I think it is ...


Under sever entry - add the new sever, but NOT at the top/ first in the list

Do similar on the media server.

To add the new tape drivem run the Device config wizard, select the new media server in the list, and then clicj next all the way to the end.

Ensure both the master and media can fully resolve each others hostname, bith forward and backwards.

That should be it, restart the media server and it should auto add into the NBU config (run nbemmcmd -listhosts to confirm).  Failing that, restart NBU on the master (though I don't think this is necessary).


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My experience has been that NBU must be restarted on the master after adding Server entry.
Server entries on the media server will be populated during installation when you specificy master and emm server.

Remember to add all relevant license keys on the media server:
Enterprise server
Library based tape drive
and if drives will be shared, SSO.

Run Device config wizard on the master to add devices on the media server. Select robot control host and media server, then follow the prompts.
Allow the wizard to restart services and add Storage unit.