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Adding an SL500 robot to a switch.

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Good Afternoon,

This is a new area for me and I was wondering if anyone could please point me in the right direction of where to start.

We have an Storagetek SL500 robot with three LT04 drives,  that is directly connected to an old Solaris server.  The robot and drives are directly connected into fibre cards on the server.

We have purchased a new 5230 device and want to connect the robot to the new device.   We would like connect the robot and drives via a network switch.

All the mentioned hardware is in the same computer room.

I do not wish to migrate any data,  all the backups on the robot have expired.

Thank you.



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Nothing to do with NetBackup, you should ask on Solaris forum or perhaps the switch manufacturer.

What's a 5230?  Only thing I came up with is Nokia phone. blush

Once you get the hardware set up and the OS can see the library, run the Device Configuration Wizard to create the NetBackup storage unit.


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I believe 5230 Richard mentioned is a NBU Appliance.. what version it is, Richard?

I am not sure about the switch-side stuff, but if zoning is all done, you can try to run scan devices from this 5230 (if acted as a media server).

The commands are just similar to those in normal Netbackup if you know the how-to , generally  "scan -changer" & "scan -tape" to verify the OS can see the devices, and then "tpautoconf -a" to auto-configure it.  If you do not know this, you should study the NBU admin guide to find out more.

There is also a "Manage -> Libraries -> Configure" in the CLISH for you to configure a library as per Appliance commands guide.

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Oh!  Dummy me was thinking that was the switch model#. 

Don't know much about NBU appliance, here are some docs:



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Will and Watson,

Thank you for the advice.

The 5230 is indeed a netbackup device,  running

I will do some more reading on switch zoning.

Thanks again for the advice.