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Admin Console Restore option

Level 3

Can someone provide reference on using the Restore Files option in the Admin Console.

I tried providing the source client, desitnation client and the timestamp etc. I am trying to find out windows backups and some sql backups. What should I provide in restore type, browse directory etc. Any feedback is appreciated.



Level 6
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There used to be a separate BAR manual, but IMHO, it was pretty useless and we basically had to figure things out for ourselves. Not sure if the BAR manual has been moved to one of the Admin Guides. 

I have shared these steps some time ago. It should still be valid.

Important that the source client must match the Client name in the policy EXACTLY.
client1 != Client1 != client1.fqdn

The policy type must also match the backup policy.

Leave the date range - when you click OK, it will find the latest backups.

Please note that the BAR GUI is only used for file-level backups.

SQL browse or restore must be done from the client. There is a separate NBU for SQL GUI. 
Steps are explained in NBU for SQL Admin Guide.

If you are experiencing errors in BAR GUI, please take screenshots of each step and post here.