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Advance Disk Storage Pool Capacity

Hello Folks,

Anyone have an idea about the maximum capacity size of advance disk storage pool ? i am using netbackup 7.1 on windows 2008 server




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  In an AdvancedDisk


In an AdvancedDisk configuration the disk volumes can be created from individual LUNs using a logical volume manager such as VxVM to create volumes of any size.  When creating disk volumes for use in an AdvancedDisk Disk Pool there are two factors to consider for optimal performance:

1.     To avoid backups spanning multiple volumes the size of each disk volume should be larger than the largest backup that will be written to it.

  1. To avoid write contention between backup jobs the number of volumes in the disk group should be equal to or greater than the total number of maximum concurrent jobs allowed in all the Storage Units using the Disk Pool.


NTFS - 256TB

I don't think there is a upper limit of disk space Netbackup can handle. Is more a qustion of what the OS supports.

From Wikipedia:


Maximum volume size
In theory, the maximum NTFS volume size is 264−1 clusters. However, the maximum NTFS volume size as implemented in Windows XP Professional is 232−1 clusters partly due to partition table limitations. For example, using 64 kB clusters, the maximum Windows XP NTFS volume size is 256 TBs minus 64 KBs. Using the default cluster size of 4 kB, the maximum NTFS volume size is 16 TB minus 4 kB. (Both of these are vastly higher than the 128 GB limit lifted in Windows XP SP1.) Because partition tables on master boot record (MBR) disks only support partition sizes up to 2 TB, dynamic or GPT volumes must be used to create NTFS volumes over 2 TB. Booting from a GPT volume to a Windows environment requires a system with UEFI and 64-bit support.[64]
Maximum file size
As designed, the maximum NTFS file size is 16 EB (16 × 10246 bytes) minus 1 kB or 18,446,744,073,709,550,592 bytes. As implemented, the maximum NTFS file size is 16 TB minus 64 kB or 17,592,185,978,880 bytes.