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After Upgrading to we started to get status code 24

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Hi All,


In the environment there is an Master & Netbackup appliance media server. we upgrade the master server to and also upgrade the Netbackup appliance 2.5.2 to Before the upgrade we did not get any error on the system which is related with the status code 24. But after the upgrading system we are getting status code 24 from any type of policies occasionally. For example there are 5 oracle policies any only one we are started to get this error . and another example there are 5 DC nodes and we are successfully take 3 one of them but 2 DC machine we are getting this error.




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Did you run sort?

I did and had to fix this before the upgrade:


    * Limit of number of open file descriptors is too low for a Master Server

      or Media Server installation.  See

      for more information.

    * Semaphore values are too low.  NetBackup Master Server or Media Server

      performance can be adversely affected if the system is configured with

      low semaphore values.

      See Symantec Tech Note 203066

      for more details.

      The current SEMMNI setting is   128, at least  1024 is recommended.

      The current SEMMSL setting is   250, at least   300 is recommended.

      The current SEMMNS setting is 32000, at least 307200 is recommended.

Level 6
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Hi, my problem still continue . are there anyone facing this issue after the upgrading system to the ?