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AntiMalware can't connect to host

Level 4

Hello, i'm working on NBU 10.1.1 and i've installed two scan hosts with the relative agents, on Windows. I've defined the scan pool and the credentials in the webui, installed OpenSSH on the hosts and extracted the ssh-keys for the credentials.

When i try to scan an image i get "can't connect to host" error and i can't find a way to solve it. SSH seems ok (telnet, ping, firewall rules) from the media server to scan hosts and viceversa. Two considerations i can made are:

  • scan hosts are not in internet, so i can't update the definition (tried, i'm going to define a mirror host)
  • symantec endpoint protection is installed and it's running on both the scan hosts Is there anything i can try to solve this?



Level 4

Hello, i've tried to run manual scans to test anti malware tool features and i've discovered that all the executions end in error with error code 13 on savapi_initialize. I've attached a screen to better describe the error.

Any ideas about it?

Level 4

Ok, just to update you the savapi error was solved updating the signatures files. It seems that part of the engine must be downloaded during the update and it is not installed at installation time.

Local execution of antimalware works fine, malware scanning from the webui same error, can't connect to client. Just a question/curiosity: i'm working on an 5250 appliance master/media role, and i can see the livemount of the image that is going to be scanned. After the livemount the process ends in error for the connection issue.

Is there any log i can check in the appliance to verify the issue?

Thanks, regards,

Level 3

Hello @acioffarelli,

I would suggest to check the logs on the media server from these two directories:



in the logs you will find the ssh key that is being used compared to the one that the media server detected on the scan host