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Anyone backing up Xen with NBU

Level 4


Just looking for views on how people are backing up Xen environments with NBU.


We have a SLES 11 pilot environment with 2 virtual machines also running SLES 11. The virtual machines use passthrough disks. Currently we back them up as LAN clients but I was wondering if anyone had found a better way.


Is there any support for XEN in NBU? Anything roadmapped?


Thanks for your feedback. Regards,


Level 6

First place to check is the OS support matrices - landing page to check is the NBU product:


SLES 11 is supported


Virtualization support


snippet from above doc

Support for Citrix XenServer
NetBackup supports backup and recovery of virtual machines in a Citrix XenServer
virtualized environment, by means of a Snapshot Client off-host backup method.
For a description of this backup approach, see the following document:

Level 4

Thanks for the info. This is for Citrix XenServer though. We´re using the Xen version that comes with SLES 11 which I believe is a much lower version (3.3) apart from also being the open source version.


Additionally our VMs are running SLES 11 as well and not Windows and most of this documentation is focused on Windows VMs.


I was wondering if anyone had a similar env and what they were doing.


Thansk again for you help.