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Anyone tried to use the new licensing portal yet??

Level 4
I have to admit, I'm totally underwhelmed. Seriously, that was perhaps the most convoluted, confusing process I've ever been involved in. I got two licenses registered and extracted my license keys from their cold, dead, kung-fu grip and I STILL don't know how I finally got it done, nor do I think I could do it again without at least a pretty decent approximation to the confusion I just encountered. It's no wonder their support lines are tied up with this stuff and wait times of over an hour the other day.

If you've got any licenses to register with the new system, take my advice and set aside at least an hour or so to figure it out....

Hopefully others have had better experiences.

Level 6
I ask them to send me a hard copy of the keys.

Level 4
That's how we used to do it. From what I understand, the "new way" is that they send you the .pdf with serial number, etc and point you to the portal. I think this just started on Monday. You have to register yourself, confirm yourself, register your serial numbers (be careful where you go within the portal to do this, being in the wrong area that asked for some of the information I had and additional information I'd never seen really threw me off for a good portion of time and with wait times of over an hour for support, you're pretty well on your own), activate your serial numbers, and then receive your license keys.

The one good thing is that the portal will be able to track the licenses you bought that you've associated with the account you're registered with. That will address the inability to really know what licenses and quantities you've got. Unfortunately it seems you can't go in and put in licenses you've gotten "the old way" for easy tracking.

Level 3
I am honestly lost and frustrated, I am trying to acquire my licence keys from the "new way of doing things" portal and it is very irritating, confusing and stressful. I have already added my serial numbers to the licence catalog but for some reason i cannot be able to move on from there any way Ican be able to view my licence keys..or delete the entire profile and start again??


Level 6
Yeah it can be a little confusing

In the License Catalog section, search for your licenses, I search by "Customer Number". A list of the licenses you are entiled to appears. Then on each one click "View Details".
If you haven't registered (or activated) it yet then you won't see the license key. So, click on "Register this License", it will ask you for the email address you want to the key to be sent to, click "Continue", then "Continue again (I think). It will send you an email with the license key, you can also view it in the "View Details" page for that license now.