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Archive Backup

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I have a best practices question:

In simple terms I want to create an archive of files that end up on my storage.

Simply if file A is placed on storage it goes to tape and stays there for ever. File B comes in and s placed on storage the next day, it goes to tape and stays there. I never want to write file A to tape again even if it changes, same for files B,C,D, etc.

Sounds simple enough but for some reason using my current combo of full backups every 6 mos and diff inc as often as possible I am burning through tape at rate of 100 every 2 months, and I know I am not ingesting 100Tbs of data every month.

Any suggestions on the correct setup would be greatly appreciated.


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Seems you need an archiving solution. 

You may want to look at Veritas Enterprise Vault for filesystem archiving.

Another option will be to invest in deduplication technology where a full copy of a file will only be stored once. Changes to files will only store the changed blocks.

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There is a User Archive option, though its somewhat 'manual' as you would user the BAR gui to backup the files on the client.  With the schedule type set to User Archive, the BAR gui gives the 'tick box' option to delete the files after backup.