Archiving file files of Image catalog

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I have just ran the command bpcatlist -online to check which files are capable to archive from image catalog database.

Now I want to archive those files to my tapes. Should I just create a policy of Windows type and put folder of the files file of image database in backup selection.

Will this will archive my image catalog safe and sound. Will it affect my current files file of Image database?

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Re: Archiving file files of Image catalog

Catalog Archiving steps can be found in NBU Admin Guide I.
Overview of steps:

I would personally try add more disk and avoid catalog archiving.

Re: Archiving file files of Image catalog

Your image catalog will be safe. However the only challenge would be during the time of restore where you will need to perform additional steps before restoring files

Re: Archiving file files of Image catalog

I would agree with Marianne, + disk is a better option.

If you do archive, be sure to duplicate the tapes.  For an unarchived catalog, hopefully catalog backup are kept long enough that you have multiple available copies, ok, some will be a little old but something is better  than nothing.

Once archived, a single tape holds x amount of the catalogs .f files.  In the event of that tape /tapes  becoming damaged, then a big issue is created, as the .f files are lost, and the only way to recover would be to import the images, a process that, depending on how many images, could take weeks, months, or years.

Many people archive with no issues, however, do NOT restore .f files via any method other than the steps documented in the manual, else you will break NBU is the sense that the catalog archive recovery commands will fail.  It's fixable, but can be avoided in the first place (and is a fairly common error people make).

Re: Archiving file files of Image catalog

I have seen how catalog archiving can go bad...
The catarc tape was for some reason ejected from the library. Some 6 months later when a restore was required from the archived images, the catarc tape could not be found....

Re: Archiving file files of Image catalog

This can be devastrating for me. I need to preserve the catalog. I think going for increasing disk space is better option.