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Assit with netbackup logs

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Hello I have a problem if someone delete one job that was done in activity monitor how to get the logs for the action of deleted job @Nicolai 


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You can't reach the deleted jobs inside the NetBackup Administration Console, you should get in touch with the security team (IT Department) which belong the company. 

I hope this answer is enough. Thank you.

what do you mean by that am also in IT department if someone  deleted a job how can I see the log of the time and the user who was logged in that time

I want to run a report of deleted jobs 

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Once a job from the activity monitor is deleted, either because of time or because it was deleted by a operator, the information is gone. 

Alternative is to use some of Netbackup RBAC or Enhanced auditing to see who does what.

if you have Opscenter, then there is audit trails under Monitor tab where you can see who is playign with the jobs ...alternatively  u can run nbauditreport to get the time of deletion of any jobs from activty monitor