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Attention DBAs! New with NetBackup 10.4, PostgreSQL Recovery to PIT in Hours/Minutes/Seconds!!

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Hi Friends,

Veritas realizes that as a Database Administrator Point In Time (PIT) recoveries to the second are required when vital data needs to be restored.  Manual recovery can introduce errors and adds times to critical business applications.  New with Veritas NetBackup 10.4, PostgreSQL recovery to PIT in hours/minutes/seconds.



PostgreSQL Recovery to PIT is simple to setup and recover from the NetBackup WebUI.

  1. Create Protection Plans for the PostgreSQL Full and Incremental backups for your database instance(s).  The highlighted Protection Plan does a full backup every 40 minutes and an incremental every 10 minutes.



Notice this protection plan does a full backup every 40 minutes and incrementals every 10 minutes.



  1. From the Workloads tab, select PostgreSQL and find your database instance to backup.  Notice the Instance is currently Not Protected.  Click the three dots on the right side of the WebUI and select Add Protection.



  1. Select the Protection Plan created for your PIT PostgreSQL database instance.



  1. Click the Protect button.



  1. The PostgreSQL database instance is now protected by the selected Protection Plan.



Recovery of the PostgreSQL database instance is even easier and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

  1. After a successful Full and Incremental backup of the new Protection Plan, a PIT restore can occur at any time between those two backups.

Note:  Check the Activity Monitor for the Full and Incremental backup status.



  1. Click on Workloads and PostgreSQL tab in the WebUI.  Click on the three dots of the intance you want to restore.  Find the incremental PIT you want to restore and click the three dots.  Select Perform Point In Time Recovery.



  1. Select the time to the second that you want to restore and click Next.



  1. Ensure the host is correct and select if you want everything restored to the original or to a different location.



  1. NetBackup will restore your PIT backup up to the second.

Veritas NetBackup is not just your trusted on-site backup suite, it’s also your one stop shop to backup to your cloud resources with simple tools that accomplish difficult tasks.  NetBackup enterprise tools makes backing up your data easier and more secure than ever.