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Auditing of users/group/asset changes

Hi all,

I am look up for auditing changes in WEB UI or JAVA GUI if any user want change of rights/permission another user.  Is this audited if the operation is performed / blocked  ? 


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Re: Auditing of users/group/asset changes

Hello Petr

Why don't you check out the outcomes from nbauditreport ...? That is the only thing which came to my mind. On Linux it is in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbauditreport

I would read its man page - maybe it will be helpful for you.



Well you can also look at OpsCenter / Audit Trials - but I imagine it is leveraging the same command....

Re: Auditing of users/group/asset changes

hi @PetrHanz 

Have a look here :

I guess its the "AUDITCFG - auditing configuration changes" option you are looking for (but I may be wrong).

Best Regards