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Authentication Failed (Status 160) Netbackup 8.2 ESX 7.0U2

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Hello everyone.

I'm facing an issue while trying to add a standalone ESX as the attachment, but it keeps returning this error status 160: Authentication Failed.

I've already added the IP both on master server's hosts and the ESX's and created an admin user on ESX, which is the one I'm trying to log and add in the attachment. Also, I checked the licensing Storage APIs on the ESX is installed. Anyone knows what can I do to check this case? I attached also a printscreen of the active and paused services on the ESX interface, in case there is something I should turn on or off in order to add the server to my netbackup.


Thanks in advance for anyone who is trying to help


Level 6

Hi @joaopcv 

Is the ESX server also managed by a vCenter (I can see a service "VMware vCenter Agent" running) - I don't know enough about the services to categorically state this?

I don't think you can connect directly to an ESXi server that is being managed this way, only a standalone ESXi server.

Lastly - the error is authentication failure - have you checked the security logs on the ESXI server to see what it thinks? Have you verified the password works? On the NetBackup host, the bpVMutil and bpVMreq logs may also contain some clues. 


Level 6

It seems credentials used are not correct. Have you verified it first to log-on to esxi host ?