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Auto Image Replication with Remote NDMP

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Hello everyone I have a couple of questions regarding a new setup we are looking at in our environment. I've went through tons of manuals, web browsing, etc but I figured I would come here to ask the experts.

We are firing up a new offsite location and we are looking at having a offsite location for our NetApp filer backups. Right now we use Remote NDMP to backup the netapp filer to a IBM SAS array (PureDisk) that is directly attached to one of the media servers. The new line we are using to connect the remote sites is only like 75Mb/s. 

What would be your guys' best recommendation to do this on the cheap as much as possible? I have did research and saw you can either do Auto Image Replication or us the Enhanced Duplication method? Looks like the Auto Image replication would involve a master server at the remote location and the Enhanced Duplication Method would just be a media server at the remote location that checks into the master server at our main location? If this is correct on how it works, it sounds like Auto Image Replication would be the best way to go in case our master server goes down at the main location we would still be able to access the images on the other master server in the remote location.

If this is all true, I have seen during my reading that you can only do MSDP (main location) -> MSDP/Puredisk (remote location). Is this correct? If so does this mean we have to switch our current environment at our main location to MSDP off of PureDisk? Will MSDP work with Remote NDMP?

Any help or better understanding would be greatly appreciated




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MSDP is actually NetBackup, although the disk type is PureDisk. I have moved this post to the NetBackup forum for better visibility. (Separate PD product is getting discontinued. )