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Auto ticketing in netbackup

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I am looking for a way to create incident ticket (on a third party ticketing tool) automatically when there is any backup failure in netbackup. Is it achivable?



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I ran such google query netbackup servicenow integration... First link gave me this:

NetBackup 8.1. 2 allows you to automate most activities and customize your user experience through API-level integration. The NetBackup RESTful API library now includes a broad range of calls that can be used to integrate with ticketing and provisioning systems such as ServiceNow®, BMC®, Remedy, or Ansible.

So it is doable... you need to read more about these intergrations of course if your ticketing system was mentioned above.

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You can set up SNMP traps from OpsCenter to whatever third-party ticketing system you use. We managed 10+ environments with this method configured for Service-Now, and it worked very well. 

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Hi @ankita_de 

So There are a couple of ways to Do this

1. Use SNMP Traps from Opscenter. 

2. Use The Backup Faliure Error Log scan to generate an Event whenever a Faliure happens. 

3. Create a MailBox which will recieve E-Mail from Master Server and then use E-Mail Based Ticketing based on event Codes

All this is largely dependent on the Monitoring and Ticketing Tool being used. 

Any more information in that Direction can generate more answers .. Which one do you plan to use ? ServiceNow, BMC , Nimsoft , Remedy /Open Source ?

Once this is known, I can provide more information.

Hope that helps

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The classic legacy method for most ticketing systems involved appending code to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/backup_exit_notify that would email certain fields to a maileater that would then process the failure. As previously mentioned, newer methods usually involve APIs.



we basically remove this code:

#echo ${dateStr} "-----------------------------" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " CLIENT: $1" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " POLICY: $2" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " SCHEDULE: $3" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} "SCHEDULE TYPE: $4" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " STATUS: $5" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " STREAM: $6" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} " DONE_TRYING: $7" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} "PRIMARY JOBID: $8" >> $OUTF
#echo ${dateStr} "-----------------------------" >> $OUTF


and then add 

echo ${dateStr} " STATUS: $5, CLIENT: $1, POLICY: $2, SCHEDULE: $3, SCHEDULE TYPE: $4, STREAM: $6 $status" >> $OUTF

and have a log watch for that file.

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We have the SNMP trap configured in opscenter, however we are getting multiple tickets(one for each job id that failed) instead of one ticket for each client that failed. Could you let me know how you have addressed this issue in your environment? Is there any setting in opscenter to send one alert for one backup failure?

Hi sclind,

Could you let us know where this action has to be done?



What ticketing system are you using? I've used Sysaid and Service-Now, and both required configuration to prevent excessive tickets from coming in. Unfortunately, I don't think that is something that can be configured from NetBackup, but must be set up from your ticketing software.


How to integrate with Service now and opscenter