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Automatic Full Backup failed on SAP server linux host

Level 3


For some time sheduled task backup was not perfomed

By client logs I cant undestand what is happen. In bpbrm log file I have seen only error about "the requested operation was partially successful" and "the backup failed to back up the requested files" but cant find what exact files not backuped

In bpcd log fined:

02:00:40.016 [149846] <2> process_requests: <---- NetBackup 7.5 0 ------------initiated
02:00:40.016 [149846] <2> process_requests: VERBOSE = 1
02:00:40.016 [149846] <2> process_requests: Not using VxSS authentication with pdc-s-bc.sibgenco.local
02:00:40.216 [149846] <2> process_requests: BPCD_GET_VERSION_RQST
02:00:40.436 [149846] <2> process_requests: BPCD_GET_VERSION_RQST
02:00:40.655 [149846] <2> process_requests: BPCD_READ_USERS_CONFIG_RQST
02:00:40.873 [149846] <2> process_requests: BPCD_GET_VERSION_RQST
02:00:41.076 [149846] <2> process_requests: BPCD_READ_HOST_CONFIG_RQST
02:00:41.294 [149846] <2> get_short_base: (2) premature end of file (byte 1)
02:00:41.294 [149846] <16> process_requests: token read: -9
02:00:41.295 [149846] <4> process_requests:    errno = 5 - Input/output error
02:00:41.295 [149846] <16> bpcd main: process_requests returned 1

As I right understand, error on operation "process_requests: BPCD_READ_HOST_CONFIG_RQST", but i cant find anything about this error and error task backup.



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Pls post the the following:

  • .util file
  • backint debug log (/usr/openv/netbackup/log/backint ensure 777 rights).
  • output from brbackup

If data is at risk pls call Symantec support and have them assist in resolving the issue. Community support may not be fast enough.

Level 3

Hi, thanks  for reply

.util file and brbackup file attached.

Directory /usr/openv/netbackup/log/backint have 777 rights. I do not understand whether this is necessary or not the file and attached it too



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Please post full bpcd log as well as media server's bpbrm log. We need to see port numbers that are used for connection attempt. 

Level 3

Not like in my case ( - no this errors in log. Full pbcd log and bpbrm log attached

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i checked the bpcd logs it was given error

process_requests:    errno = 5 - Input/output error

so here is its resolution


GENERAL ERROR: Getting "Cannot lstat/lstat64 <filename>. Errno = 5: I/O error" during backups.

Article:TECH38434  |  Created: 2005-01-18  |  Updated: 2013-01-11  |  Article URL


Level 3

I try to set max verbose level (5) and perform backup job again today at night.

For applying changes verbose level, needed restart client service netbackup?


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The debug directory need 777 right because else sap/oracle won't be able to write debug info.

Level 3

Hi, was performed task backup with verbose level = 5, bpcd log and bpbrm log attached
Analysing bpcd log i see 2 cycled errors (<16>):
1) <16> resync_host_cache: bpclntcmd fork pid = 92491
2) <16> process_requests: put_long of locale code succeeded.  locale code is: 1

First - "bpclntcmd" - "performs name resolution using the same system calls as the NetBackup software" (
Second - i don't know and can't find anything about it

About "process_requests:    errno = 5 - Input/output error" - why Netbackup set severity is <4> - Info?
In new bpcd detailed log file no error in this format