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Automatic backup destination selection between multiple storage units

Level 4


we have 3 NetBackup Appliances as media servers and consequently 3 different disk pools.

We use Storage Lifecycle Policies as a backup destination.

Most of the clients are VMware machines.

Is it possible to configure the backup destination in such a way that all three are equally utilized (approximately) ?

For example if the current disk pool usage is

#1 - 50%

#2 - 60%

#3 - 40%

When a new server arrives, its backup will be placed to the disk pool #3.

And all other new servers will be put to #3 unless its usage is below 50% and then to #1 and #3 and so further.


At this time we do it manually (we have 3 policies where each points to 1 SLP which in turn references 1 storage unit) and it's not very practical.



Level 6

Hi @AlexeyF 

Simple answer is no - there are too many factors involved. It is not something that NetBackup can do for you. You may be able to script something yourself - but your current manual process is probably just as good

Also consider a new client (say a Windows VM), you would generally get better overall deduplication in one pool by putting the destination for this server the same as other Windows servers.