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BAR GUI Not Retaining VM After Search and Select

Level 6

Figured I would try here before opening a case. I am running 7.7.1 on Solaris 10 and have noticed an issue with one of my sites. When we go to the BAR GUI and select VMware and then do a search the VM we search for comes up fine. From there we hit Select, but when it goes back to the BAR screen for some reason it doesnt carry over the server that we selected. Instead you still just see the master server name populated. Has anyone run into this before?


Level 2

i had same issue and its bug in 7.7.1 , upgrade to 7.7.2 .

Do you know if this is a bug that only effects some systems? I have 2 sites that are both running 7.7.1 and only the one is seeing this issue.