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BMR Backup & Recovery of System State with Windows XP

Level 4


In the following environment, i'am facing a qestion/problem with BMR and Windows XP :

Netbackup Enterpise on Sparc 64 as Master/Media-Server

Windows XP SP3 as BMR-Boot-Server for Windows

The Hard-Disk of the Windows XP has had failed after a Power Outage.

As described in the BMR-Book, the All_LOCAL_DRIVES Backup Selection should contain the System State. It would not be neccesary to declare it explicite in the Policy.

Nethertheless Any Try to rebuild fizzle with the Error-Code "V126-8 Cannot Find True Image"

Other Systems/Servers could be restored !

When i set the Parameter "System State" explicite, the Backup also fails; but in this Case with another Code : Unable to Backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the State of VSS."    oder "Unexpected Termination of Client ... Connection rset by peer. unable to read from socket, connection may be broken".


And it's all about Sstem State or Shadow Copy.


What will go wrong here ?


Any suggestionl will be appreciated











Level 4


A big Surprise :  I have had searched for the folder with the SRTs to restore them to the new Hard-Disk and faced the fact, that the System_State was stored in the Backup (!) 


Why couldn't it be restored?


I'm something confused about