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BMR Problems

Level 3

If anyone might know the answer to this....


When I try to add a new client configuration and edit that configuration; lets say I go to Change and try and select a new driver package and select Add ... all I get is an hour glass and the system process bmrd.exe just eats up memory for hours.


Like wise when I select the host to "prepare to restore" the process takes about a day to finish.


I'm running 2003 Server and 6.5 MP2a.





Level 6

Log a support case. There is an etrack for this and fixes as well




Level 3

Thanks, I'll do that... You wouldn't happen to have the etrack number so I could look at it would you?



Level 6


Not sure if this is what Patrick was referring to:


BUG REPORT: If a Bare Metal Restore 6.x boot server cannot register with the NetBackup 6.x master se...




Error Code: V-128-900 Cannot query the BMR database for existing boot servers.


ETrack:1211323 Bmrbd.exe consuming system memory causing the server to lock up.

Level 4

I have been suffering increasing waiting times during the "Prepare to Restore" phase. Months ago, it took 26 minutes per client. Now it is taking an hour and a half for each "PTR".

I have a Solaris BMR Server with a Windows Boot Server, both with NB 6.5.2.

I have realized that the bmrd process initiated by the PTR uses 50% of the CPU.


Level 5

Hi Alexis,


As PK has mentioned in the thread before, this is a known issue with BMR when dealing with Windows clients.

They have a fix ready for this.

The problem they say is owing to surplus redundancy in the database.

They will provide you a script that will purge the surplus redundancy.

At 6.5.2 you might have to run the script periodically to flush the unwanted redundancy since the actual problem has been fixed with 6.5.3 (Unless they provide an engineering binary of the bmrd @ 6.5.2 that makes sure that no more redundancies are added)

To sum up, contact Symantec Support and they should be able to help you surely.





Level 4
Amol: Thank you, this was solved with Symantec Support who provided us the E-track.