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BMR for RHEL 4.7 on NBU 7.0.1

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Hi Everyone,

I have a BMR environment where the boot server and the client are both on RHEL 4.7. Client backups up BMR config and starts the restore process via CD boot. Once the restore process completes from the master server, we still see the same message on the client side (restore / file system). I understand that the machine is supposed to reboot once the restore process completes (in this case it did not and the restore status on client side remained as it is).

I force rebooted the client after waiting for 15 minutes and the client came up fine. Is this normal behavior? Thanks in advance.


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No. This is certainly not expected behavior.

Was your client in hang state?

I am wondering if there is any timeout happnened between master server and client. Is there any firewall configured who is sitting in between master and client?



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Hi Mandar,

All ports required are opened in the firewall. As far as I understand, there is no activity on the client machines screen. The last message it says is 'Restoring / filesystem'.

I would like to add here that the machine is booting via the SRT ISO that is mounted to the client via iLO. It is not booting via a physical CD ROM.

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At this point in the BMR for linux restore process where the client is appeared to be hung and displaying 'Restoring / filesystem' on the client screen.


The Media boot SRT has booted, We have talked to the master server and have the client configuraiton. We got the restore script. We mkfs on all the client disks. We repartitioned everything. Now we are restoring data back to the client on the new file system we have created.

The Linux BMR client is using bprestore command to request the restore data. The client is awaiting the data to proceed with the last steps in the linux restore process.

The bprestore command sent from the client has a -w flag used or wait command. This command will wait for an exit code before proceeding. Once the client has sent this command it will wait for a very long time. The master server has to accept the bprestore command and send the restore data to the client. 

Review the BMRRST log on the master server and the detailed status of the restore job in the activity monitor. These will show the status of the restore job and if this has completed.

Here is the part that does not add up.

If you read through the BMRRST log, you notice that the linux client does not update the Grub boot loader and the client's fstab until the restore of the file systems have been completed. 

Please paste your bmrrst log for review.