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BMR not creating clients or configurations?

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Here's my configuration:

Netbackup server and BMR master are patched to 6.5.5 and running on a VM with RHEL 5.4 x64.  I have a BMR boot server on another VM running Win2k3 32-bit, also at 6.5.5.  Tape deck is a Scalar 50 connected via iSCSI.

First problem:  I have a laptop that I'm trying to BMR onto another (identical) laptop before the smoke comes out of it.  The policy has a full backup, with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and System_State.  Collect disaster recovery info, collect TIR info, and move detection are all checked.  BMR feature is licensed.  The backup runs successfully but does not create an entry for the BMR client.

Second problem:  I'm trying to run discovery on the new laptop.  I had to modify the BMR ISO to get the network drivers installed, but whenever I run generic or automated discovery of hardware, I get the error message 'failed to create the discover configuration'.  I ran wireshark on the BMR master and it is seeing traffic from the client, but it's not clear from the logs what the problem is.  Running 'prepare to discover' on the master doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?  The documentation leaves me thinking that just running a backup on a client should be enough to create it.  I looked for ways to create the client on the command line but no dice.  Does anyone have ideas?