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BMR on Solaris Multipathing

“Until now, BMR supported EMC Powerpath solution. But the demand for native multipath is increasing, which is a platform-independent technique. To cater to this demand, support for native multipath is added in BMR 7.5 for the Linux platform.”


BMR supports only EMC Powerpath solution. BMR does not Support for Native multipathing on Solaris.


Question is: When will SYMANTEC Netbackup start support for Solaris Multipathing?



A big deploymment was done, and the backup solution was the Netbackup 7.5 but now we came at the point that BMR does not support Solaris Multipathing. in such situation, Customer is surviving and big question mark on BMR Solaris Multipathing.

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Hi Shakeel, I can understand

Hi Shakeel,

I can understand BMR support for Solaris Native multi-pathing is now more on demand. This support is their on our roadmap.

I am wondering if you got a chance to discuss this requirement with Symantec NetBackup product management.



Hi,   can you provide me the



can you provide me the email or the contact info of NetBackup Product Management, where i can urge them for this release.


any NBU update which can also support Solaris Multipathing?

As a Symantec partner you

As a Symantec partner you should have access to SymIQ for Partners?

You can also get hold of Product Management via your local Symantec SE.