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BMR problem

Level 5
Hi, why can't I create SRT,s anymore, allways get "This version of Veritas Netbackup Client is not supported".

Master/BMR master on w2k3, version 6.5.4
BMR boot server on w2k3, version 6.5.4
The last succesfull SRT I created was when I was on 6.5.3.
I have installed master/BMR master on new hardware, I think I got this problem after that.
I put in the path to Veritas Netbackup client.msi to be from 6.5
I have looked in forums but can't find a solution.
Any idea?


Level 5
What option of SRT tool are you using for adding the NBU client?
I am aware that there are 2 options there which sound a bit similar, and one of them gives the above error.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

have u tryed to update the srt?

1) Run the bmrbootserver assistant
2) Select Shared Resource Tree (SRT) Administration Wizard
3) Select the Add or Update Packages to a Shared Resource Tree
4) Select the Add Netbackup Maintenance Pack to a Shared Resource Tree
5) Select the SRT you wish to use for the restore
6) Point the Wizard to the 6.5.4 Netbackup Update.msi file

Level 5
As far as I understood, he tries to create a new SRT, right?

If not, try to create a new SRT from scratch. Be sure to use the correct bitness of the client - 32bit Client.

Then use the 6.5GA Client for creation of SRT and afterwards update the client to you actual release on the master (6.5.what?).

Level 5
Thanks all for your supplies.
Well, I'm trying to create an SRT from scratch, doing the same steps I did before.
Client from 6.5GA and 32 bit client, still got "wrong version"
I have an SRT which I upgraded from client 6.5 to 6.5.3, no problem doing that SRT and uppgrade.
So I can't see where the problem is now, I think it has to be something with the uppgrade of the master server from w2k3 32 bit, to w2k3 64 bit (with the 64 bit version of NBU 6.5.4), could be some missmatch with the BMR database and NBU, but they are least at the same patch level.
Anyway, I still got the 6.5.3 SRT, I think I can use that for a BMR restore, OR? The client in question for restore is (was) at 6.5.4