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BMR restore failed with status 2808 on VMware

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My BMR restore failed with status 2808. I have changed MAC address to match with the new one and started boot with SRT image to target VMware. I try to find the source of problems but couldn't find out. Can someone help me please?   


Master Server & Boot Server : NBU

Media Server : NBU

Target Server : Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (VMware), NBU (SRT Client Install file)


19-3-2557 13-25-32.jpg


[Job Detailed Logs][G5CTENIIS6


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Firstly, your media server should be an equal or more recent version of NetBackup than your client (see p.51 of the 7.6 release notes:

Relatedly you don't mention which version of SRT you are using, but I've also seen this cause issues if it's the wrong version:

You mention changing the mac address, but you may also need to update hosts information on your media server.  This kind of error can be common with some form of name resolution issue.  Even if the original host is not currently online, many people find the following technote really useful as it talks about the process you need to go through to restore to a slightly different machine:

I hope this helps! :)