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BPRESTORE adding an extra character - \

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Good day!


We are attempting to restore by CLI using BPRESTORE. We have prepared the input files and wish to rename the restore job as per below.


rename 31 /E/Blkkomen_Trust/11_Balmer.pdf 60 D:\Restore\wt-fs02_1514160038\E\Blkkomen_Trust\11_Balmer.pdf


However the job fails and in the logs we see the rename operation has failed:


12:40:06 (76103.001) TAR - E:\Blkkomen_Trust\11_Balmer.pdf

12:40:06 (76103.001) MNR - The file was renamed to the following:

12:40:06 (76103.001) UTF - D:\Restore\wt-fs02_1514160038\E\\Blkkomen_Trust\11_Balmer.pdf

As you can see, it is adding an extra backslash (\) after the drive letter E.


Any help on how to stop this from happening would be amazing! 


Many thanks!


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Please be consistent... In rename file always use /D/ notation not d:\ 

for source you do use / notation and for target \ this is no go...

See excerpt from command ref guide

hen you restore to a Windows client, you can also use the following method
for specifying entries in the rename file. (Do not use this method for other
rename bulength backup_filepath reslength
bulength is the number of ASCII characters in the backup path.
reslength is the number of ASCII characters in the restore path.
The first backup_filepath that is matched is replaced with the restore_filepath
For example, the following entry renames C:\fred.txt to C:\fred2.txt:
rename 11 /C/fred.txt 12 /C/fred2.txt
(Be sure to end the entry with a return.)

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One more thing... the bulenght and reslenght are different than you do provide

check this out

$ echo /E/Blkkomen_Trust/11_Balmer.pdf |wc -c
$ echo D:\Restore\wt-fs02_1514160038\E\Blkkomen_Trust\11_Balmer.pdf |wc -c


and in your file we do read

rename 31 /E/Blkkomen_Trust/11_Balmer.pdf 60 D:\Restore\wt-fs02_1514160038\E\Blkkomen_Trust\11_Balmer.pdf

Hi @quebek 

Will try that now, thank you - will report back shortly.

Thank you for bulenght / reslenght, these are indeed wrong due to an attempt to anonymise before posting online.