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Back-UP C: on one server to a folder on another server??

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I'm trying to backup a drive on one server to a certain folder on another server. Basically there are three servers involved. The server that hosts the NetBackup, ther server that i want to have a drive backed up, and the third server in which i want to have the backup stored to. How can i go about this?? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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C:\ drive? and folders? must be talking windows :)

Can you share the C:\ drive?

Two requirements for backing up to a disk storage unit on a mapped network share are:

1) The mapped network share must be available during the backup. Since only users (not processes) have mapped drives, a user account with the correct drive mapping must be logged on for the entire duration of the backup.

2) Write permissions to the mapped share are required. While the logged-on user may have permissions to the mapped share, NetBackup does not use this security context for access to the mapped share. Instead, NetBackup accesses the network resource with the account that the NetBackup Client Service uses to authenticate itself. By default, this account is the local System account which has no ability to access network resources, including mapped network shares.
If either of these conditions are not met, the backup will fail with an "exit status code 174: media manager system error occurred".

To resolve this problem, perform the following steps:

1) When backups are run using this disk storage unit, ensure that a user account is logged in that has the network share mapped to the correct drive letter (as configured in the disk storage unit's attributes under Absolute Pathname to Directory).

2) Change the NetBackup Client Service's Log On account to an account that has permissions to the mapped drive and path. This can be done in the Windows Services Control Panel.Message was edited by:
Bob Stump

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May I ?

if you want to backup a network drive :
By default a netbackup client is installed with the system account fro it's service.
If you want a machine to backup a network drive, you might mount the shared drive under the client machine under the system account. No need of having a user connected during the backup.

In ur configuration, U have 3 machines :
Master Server - Client - Media Server
YES !!! If you want the data to come from client machine to be backed up on another machine, then this second machine MUST be a media server !

On the master you specify a policy that backs up the client, onto a disk storage unit.
The disk storage unit is configured to write on the media server.
A media Server means a license for it.
If you don't want a media server license, then you may do a :
Backup Machine A
Restore to Machine B
both A and B are then considered as client ... you can use the commands :
bpbackup -p policy -s schedule -i
bprestore -C clientA -D clientB -s SinceBackupDate -f filelist.txt

between backup and restore, you can check what you would restore by command
bplist -C clientA -s SinceBackupDate / (or C:\)

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