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Backing up 2 servers under same client

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I have 2 Windows 2008 servers with NetBackup client installed.

These servers received data from a single platform running an OS not supported by NB. Lets call it NS

Whenever a file is written from NS, a script is triggered that back it up to NB.

The files, all with different name will alternatively be written to server 1 and 2.

If I need file back on the NS, a script can be triggered  to restore it to either server 1 or 2 but not necessarily on the one that had it in the first place.

Can I registered both server with the same name so that they can restore any file from either one?




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Since you can't back them up directly why do you need to register both servers with the same name?  I presume you are going to share the files with a host that is supported by NetBackup in which case you register that supported client hostname.  NetBackup can restore only to the supported NB client and not directly to server 1 or 2.  Your script could then push or pull the file to the unsupported server(s).

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Sorry. I was not clear enough.

The issue is not the unssuported OS.

Server 1 and 2 are W2008, they serve as intermediary storage for the the data from NS.

When the data has been backed up by NB, then the data can be deleted from the Win servers to make more space available.

When we have to get the data from NetBackup, it can be restored to either one first.

So in order to restore the data transparently, the Win servers client have to be registered on the same clinet name or an parameter added to the  bprestore command.

Is it possible, practical ? 


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You can simply do a directed restore to either client.  Upon restore just select the original source client and then select the desired destination client, either the original or the alternate. 

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To allow all clients to perform redirected restores
The NetBackup administrator can allow clients to perform redirected restores. That is, allow all clients to restore the backups that belong to other clients. Place an empty No.Restrictions file on the NetBackup master server where the policy that backed up the other clients resides. Note: The information in this topic applies to restores made by using the command line, not the Backup, Archive, and Restore client interface. Create an altnames directory in the following location, then place the empty file inside of the directory:


The NetBackup client name setting on the requesting client must match the name of the client for which the backup was created. The peer name of the requesting client does not need to match the NetBackup client name setting. Note: Do not add a suffix to the files in the altnames directory.

Note: The Install_path\NetBackup\db\altnames directory can present a potential breach of security. Users that are permitted to restore files from other clients may also have local permission to create the files that are found in the backup.