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Backing up FULL VM and files

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I have gotten VAPD to work with NetBackup 7. I can see the FullVM. Now how do I backup the files also so I can restore individual files? Do I do a seperate policy or is there a setting where I tell the backup to do a FullVM and files?


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Have a look at this Video:

It is also described in the manual:
NetBackup for VMware Guide

See p. 33:

2 Select the FlashBackup-Windows policy type.
The FlashBackup-Windows policy type is recommended for most environments. Use it to back up individual drives (Windows), or to back up the entire virtual machine (any supported virtual machine).
Note the following about the FlashBackup-Windows policy type:
■ Increases the backup speed as compared to standard file-order backup methods, if the virtual machine is heavily populated with small files.
■ Can create a backup from which you can restore selected files or the full virtual machine.


Also see “Backup options compared” on page 46.