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Backing up HP File Persona

Level 3

We are just in the process of replacing NetApp with HP File Persona (don't ask).

We have a mixture of Windows, and Linux clients, as well as NetApp shares.

Traditionally, we used to back up these up as MS-Windows, Standard, and NDMP. However due to issues with an older NAS variant, we have decided to move forwward, and not go with NDMP - due to a number of technical challenges, and the fact that the variances between each vendors version of NDMP is enough to cause us issues should we change NAS vendor again.

So, I need to design a way of backing up the various SMB, and NFS shares like normal Windows, and Linux shares. 1 way I thought was to use 2 Media Servers, and to mount the NFS shares to that, and back them up via that client/Media Server, and do something similar for the Windows Servers/Clients. Or, as an alternative, to use Samba, and back everything up from the 2 Media Servers. 

Has anyone else got File Persona, and come across this, has anyone else done similar to this, and if so how, or if you have even thought about this, avoided this.

Thoughts, and suggestions very welcome.


Level 6
Partner Accredited

Backing up cifs shares using linux client by mounting share seems not to be officially supported. Furthermore, acl are not backed up with this method.
So, to backup a cifs share you need to use a client/media runing on windows