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Backing up Microsoft Exchange 2016

Hello all,

Let me explain our situation regarding the subject above. We have this Microsoft Exchange 2016 (2 mailbox Exchange nodes). At first the Exchange server was backed up using the production IP which need to traverse thru the firewall to reach Netbackup and the backup is slow and taking time to finish. Later, we assigned dedicated IPs for backup purposes (since Exchange running on VMware, the VMware team add another VNIC) to each Exchange nodes so it will eliminate the issue of backup slowness.

But our situation here, since the Exchange servers are clustered  with (DAG) and in the backup policy we need to point to the cluster name (DAG), it seems like the backup still using the production IP that need to go thru firewall and still have the issue with backup slowness.

The way the Exchange administrator setup their Exchange mailbox, there are 4 mailboxes that divided into 2 mailboxes for each Exchange node. Could we point the backup directly (in the backup policy) to the Exchange node to backup the email? We have ask the Veritas support but they respond it is not the correct way to backup directly to the Exchange node. It must pointing to DAG cluster name.

Please advice.

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Re: Backing up Microsoft Exchange 2016

Thank you for your reply. The 3rd link really help us. Hopefully this will help others as well