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Backup Apache Spark,Apache Zeppelin,Elastic Search,Kibana,RabbitMQ

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Hi All,

How can ı backup these products with netbackup

any idea

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Zeppelin
  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • RabbitMQ

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NetBackup does not have any agents to perform backup of listed products.

The latest that NBU has is Docker NetBackup client container image. 


so ı backup filesystem of these products


Yes that is correct. You also need to take care of state of application during backup as NetBackup does not have an agent for them, consistent state cannot be guranteed.

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Veritas will only develop agents if there are sufficient requests from users and software vendors.

You can submit a request to Product Management via your local Veritas SE.

In the meantime, ask the particular vendors how their products should be backed up. 

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follow recommendations of all these vendors how to backup their data. I guess they all will have some native "dump" backup, e.g. backup of important files to disk (under some quiesced state of their systems), these files can be then ovettaken by NetBackup as common files.



just ı can not backup "Elastic Search" with file system backup,

Can ı get backup with API by the netbackup? netbackup support API ?

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Hi Oyunmax,

Looks like you can do a file system type backup of Elastic Search.  According to Elastic Search, they have the ability to take snapshots of an entire cluster, or indices and store this on a shared filesystem.  With additional plugins, the snapshots can also be stored in various cloud providers storage.  See this link:

So a filesystem back is completely possible.  Take an Elastic Search snapshot.  Store that on a shared filesystem which is on a system that has the NetBackup client installed.  Do a regular filesystem backup.

As Michal pointed out, you will need to do some research of your own for each vendor.  I've never used Elastic Search, but managed to figure that one out in a couple of minutes.  All I did was a google search for "elastic search backup" and had a look at a couple of the links from Elastic.  Start with looking at the vendors links first as they will know the correct way to backup and restore their own products.

Hope this helps,



NetBackup engineering is working towards agentless - RESTful API driven backup model however it is still work in progress.

So currently NetBackup cannot perform backup of workloads you mentioned using RESTful APIs.