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Backup CIFS share

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We are implementing same solutin in our environment.
Please let me know if I change the Netbackup logon service to some AD account and after sometime if AD account is expired, can we still be able to restore the backed up data through some other AD account which is having Read/Write permissions on filer ?
Also, AD accounts passwords are tend to change regularly. If a password expires, it will become a tedious process to change the same in each and every server if this is implemented across the environment. Is there any alternative for this ?

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Best to use a service account where the password does not expire.

You will need to update the logon service with new password each time the password changes.
Backup will fail if service account is not updated with new password.

Thanks for the reply Marriane,

will there be any issues if restore is performed using another service account which is different from the one backed up?

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Restore can be done by any user account that has write permissions to the destination.

This is no different to regular filesystem restores.