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Backup Exchange with NetApp SnapManager


I am going to implement the NetApp SnapManager in our Exchange system.The Exchange install on Win2003 server and the storage is on NetApp filer, I am using NetBackup 4.5.

The SnapManager software provides near-instantaneous hot backups - 4 snap a day kept for 14 days , this is a great product but my problem is – what am I doing after the 14 days ?
I want to move after 14 days the data from the near store to my NetBackup system. After long web research, I still have no clear answer. Do any of you use this product? What you think the best way to combine between these products (the SnapManager & NetBackup)

Also, do you know what is esefile ? I think possibly database verification process run by exchange – am I right?

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Integrating SnapManager & Netbackup won't be any easy task

We have asked NetApp earlier if the integration between SnapManager for SQL & IBM Tivoli Storage Manager was possible & they said yes its easy to acheive. After buying snapmanager for SQL integrating it with TSM was a nightmare. It seems the integration that NetApp promise between their SnapManager & backup solutions is very basic & won't feed your thursty requirements. I am not sure how would that work for Netbackup though.

In our case as that was a POC, we had moved to trying IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager. That has integrated with our TSM beautifully. We have followed the following tutorial while configuring it at

IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager Tutorial

while IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager still does not support Netbackup, I would expect it to support it in the near future. As IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager is the replacement for IBM Copy Services for TSM as you can find out at:

IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager replaces IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Copy Services & advanc...

IBM Copy Services support Netbackup & work will with it. If you can't wait till support is added to FlashCopy Manager you will be able to check IBM Copy Services & how they integrate with Netbackup as these already there.

If you have already purchased the NetApp & stuck with it, I am hoping IBM will release a FlashCopy Manager version that support NetApp as IBM OEM NetApp boxes under the name of Nseries. Though there still no official news about this.

If you have figured out how to integrate Netbackup with NetAPP SnapManager post it back, as I will be interested to find out how you did it. As it seemed not working while NetApp has provided our POC.

Good Luck,


At one of my past employers,

At one of my past employers, we had this exact setup with the exception of running NetBackup 6.5 instead of 4.5.  What we would do is use SnapManager to create the snapshot backups on the NetApp filer, then backup the exchange LUNs in the snapshot using NetBackup with NDMP.  When it came time to restore we had to restore the entire LUN and map it to the Exchange server for the Exchange admins to work with.  I can't remember the name of the utility the Exchange admins used to pull individual mailboxes/messages from the restored LUN but it can be done.

what is esefile ?

There are two main uses for this utility: to copy files, and to test the checksums on an Exchange database.

We are going to test SnapManger for Exchange soon.

Doh!  I just realized the OP was in 2005!

"Doh! I just realized the OP was in 2005! "

Been a few of them lately!

Old posts should really be locked down, apparently this is in review but no movement yet.........