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Backup Failes with 13 file read failed

Level 4

We have a windows client 4 hyper-v virtual machines in which one virtual machine is having linux os.

while we are taking hyper-v  snapshot backup we are facing backup failure. And this eroor is not regular it is periodical.

can anybody give a sollution for this.

our nbu ver:7.7.1

master server os:windows 2012 r2

client os:windows 2012 r2

hyper-v machine os:linux.


please find the job status below:


02/22/2017 18:17:07 - Info nbjm (pid=7504) starting backup job (jobid=130300) for client Nagios, policy BackupHyper100, schedule Incremental
02/22/2017 18:17:07 - Info nbjm (pid=7504) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=130300, request id:{37C658C0-457F-4FDF-A144-246C9F4058F8})
02/22/2017 18:17:07 - requesting resource Large_Disk
02/22/2017 18:17:07 - requesting resource dcbackupsvr03.otpcindia.local.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.Nagios
02/22/2017 18:17:07 - requesting resource dcbackupsvr03.otpcindia.local.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.BackupHyper100
02/22/2017 18:17:07 - awaiting resource Large_Disk. Waiting for resources. 
          Reason: Maximum job count has been reached for the storage unit, Media server: dcbackupsvrph.otpcindia.local, 
          Robot Type(Number): NONE(N/A), Media ID: N/A, Drive Name: N/A, 
          Volume Pool: NetBackup, Storage Unit: EmailBkp, Drive Scan Host: N/A, 
          Disk Pool: EmailBkp, Disk Volume: G:\ 
02/22/2017 18:23:47 - granted resource  dcbackupsvr03.otpcindia.local.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.Nagios
02/22/2017 18:23:47 - granted resource  dcbackupsvr03.otpcindia.local.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.BackupHyper100
02/22/2017 18:23:47 - granted resource  MediaID=@aaaaf;DiskVolume=G:\;DiskPool=EmailBkp;Path=G:\;StorageServer=dcbackupsvrph.otpcindia.local;MediaServer=dcbackupsvrph.otpcindia.local
02/22/2017 18:23:47 - granted resource  EmailBkp
02/22/2017 18:23:48 - estimated 3102358 kbytes needed
02/22/2017 18:23:48 - Info nbjm (pid=7504) started backup (backupid=Nagios_1487768027) job for client Nagios, policy BackupHyper100, schedule Incremental on storage unit EmailBkp
02/22/2017 18:23:49 - started process bpbrm (pid=5540)
02/22/2017 18:23:52 - Info bpbrm (pid=5540) Nagios is the host to backup data from
02/22/2017 18:23:52 - Info bpbrm (pid=5540) reading file list for client
02/22/2017 18:23:52 - Info bpbrm (pid=5540) starting bpbkar32 on client
02/22/2017 18:23:52 - connecting
02/22/2017 18:23:52 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
02/22/2017 18:23:53 - Info bpbkar32 (pid=7880) Backup started
02/22/2017 18:23:53 - Info bptm (pid=8924) start
02/22/2017 18:23:53 - Info bpbkar32 (pid=7880) archive bit processing:<enabled>
02/22/2017 18:24:03 - Info bptm (pid=8924) using 262144 data buffer size
02/22/2017 18:24:03 - Info bptm (pid=8924) setting receive network buffer to 1049600 bytes
02/22/2017 18:24:03 - Info bptm (pid=8924) using 30 data buffers
02/22/2017 18:24:05 - Info bptm (pid=8924) start backup
02/22/2017 18:24:06 - begin writing
02/22/2017 18:24:07 - Info bptm (pid=8924) backup child process is pid 3164.5336
02/22/2017 18:24:07 - Info bptm (pid=3164) start
02/22/2017 18:24:12 - Error bpbrm (pid=5540) socket read failed, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  (10054)
02/22/2017 18:24:12 - Error bptm (pid=3164) socket operation failed - 10054 (at child.c.1305)
02/22/2017 18:24:12 - Error bptm (pid=3164) unable to perform read from client socket, connection may have been broken
02/22/2017 18:24:25 - Error bpbrm (pid=5540) could not send server status message
02/22/2017 18:24:28 - Error bpbrm (pid=5540) cannot send mail to,
02/22/2017 18:24:28 - Info bpbkar32 (pid=0) done. status: 13: file read failed
02/22/2017 18:24:28 - end writing; write time: 0:00:22
file read failed  (13)

Level 6

Have you checked that Linux version is supported by Hyper-V live backup ?

To be able to run incremental backup I would guess you needed Linux Integration Service (LIS) installed.

Curious, does the full backup of the linux VM work ?

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

Level 6

Let's take the errors literally. Both bpbrm and bptm failed on socket reads. Bpbkar hadn't crashed. In fact, it also failed on a file read. Your problem is intermittent. I suspect your network.

Bingo...error 13, nearly always pointed to a network issue.  At least, "back in the day".  I haven't touched NBU in a while, but after using it since v 1.6 up to around v6.5, I still remember a thing or should be able to increase the logging verbosity, to help hone in more.  Or you could just isolate the problem client and perform some basic diagnostics 


David Chapa

David A. Chapa
Managing Partner, CTO
Co-Author, Implementing Backup and Recovery