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Backup File detail info.

Hey all,
I was wondering if there's something that can be ran from the windows command line on a NBU master server that will tell me all the files that were backed up during a given backup? I don't see anything canned, per se. I just need a list of all the files and dates backed up. Thanks
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Re: Backup File detail info.

I pretty much only deal with Unix.....
But I don't see why it wouldn't on a windows system...

1. Get the list of images... Whats important here is the date & time info for each image!

bpimagelist -U -client -hoursago

2. Get more specific backup image info. Whats important here is the image name

bpimagelist -A -d -e -client

3. The image name consists of two parts. _CT. You can now get what was backed up:

bpflist -l -client -ut ctime -option GET_ALL_FILES

Note: the info in the 10th column is what you want

Re: Backup File detail info.

That appears to be what I needed. Thanks.