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Backup NetApp by Remote-NDMP or Follow-NFS

Level 3
- Tape library on Solaris's NetBackup Server with 2 tape drives

I start to study the method to backup NetApp, a NAS device.

Method 1> Configure Remote-NDMP on Solaris host to backup
Method 2> Mount Netapp volume on Solaris host and backup as
Follow-NFS on policy

Following is the disadvantage of Method 1:
1) Need to purchase extra NDMP license, (not sure)
2) Configure one of tape drive ONLY for Remote NDMP,
i.e this tape drive cannot backup another solaris hosts ..
3) Performance for tape duplicate from Remote-NDMP tape drvie
to non-NDMP tape drive is poor.
4) Any other !?

Do you know ANY advantage for Method 1 ??

Level 3
We have an FAS270 NetAppliance and back it up via NFS without an NDMP license. We are running Solaris with Veritas Netbackup in an SSO environment and have no problems.

Level 4
Method 1 : officialy VERITAS supported method + Backup done at a proprietary NDMP format

This means your NDMP server would be allowed to restore the data from the tape without any use of NetBackup if ever needed.
In a DRP you could use your new NDMP server configured with a dedicated tape drive to restore the data, without NBU.

Method 2 : NBU Gnu TAR format for the data - NetBackup makes the backup, NetBackup makes the restore. Plus you would have to create the NFS access to your new NDMP server with the correct write rights for NBU to restore.


Level 2

there are some performance issuses.

If you try to backup tons of small files, then use NDMP, cause the Performance of NFS for such cases is realy poor.

In case of large files (such as SAP Backup cache) as we use it for, u can use NFS either.

In generaly the CPUload on the filer for NFS is much higher then for NDMP. If you already have som perfomance issues on the filer, dont use NFS with extraload.

In the view of costsaving, use NFS.