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Backup Over 10 G WAN

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Team I have been asked to do a POC to test performance for backup over WAN
1. The distance between the DC is 40 KM or ~ 25 Miles
2. The WAN link is a 10 G connection
3. ~50 TB of front end data needed to be backup
4. I understand client side dedup is the best option - is it possible on tape
5. We using a SL8500 as a storage device
6. For client Dedup I understand we need a DPO licence,anything else ?
7. Whats the practical thruput we see for a 10 G Lan Link ?
8.Any sugestion from you
9. From NBU side is there a minimul bandwidth requirement ?

Please suggest 



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The actually throughput depends on a lot things, I would suggest measuring the network connection with iperf, nttcp or similar tool to see what the maximum network throughput is. Personally I have rarely seen more than 5 Gbps on 10 Gbps links, but actual backup & restore throughput is depending on a lot more than just network.

Suggest you look up the Planning and Performance tuning guide, to see the full Netbackup data path explained.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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4: Tape can't be used for client side deduplication. You need MSDP disk pools

7: Excpect 6-7 Gigabit (roughly 600 to 700 MB/sec)

8: Consider to deply a local media server at the site, 50 TB is after all quite a lot. Then using AIR replicate new unique data block to central site.