Backup errors code 84

Hi. I have a Netbackup environment with 2 media servers. The backups uses 3 LTO4 drive tapes

Recently, Many errors were detected on these backups. The message is  (84) media write error. 

The backups which are displaying these message errors are for DB, FS, even Catalog backups.

Besides, there are many LTO4 tapes which have been freezed.

One of the media servers has this status: Active for disk.  I used the command  nbemmcmd -updatehost -machinename <media> -machinetype media -machinestateop set_tape_active -masterserver <master>, but after a while, this status changes again to Active for Disk

Could all these issues be related?

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Re: Backup errors code 84


I do not believe that the 2 issues are related.

Status 84 are I/O errors - anything device-related (tape drive, media, cables, drivers, etc) can cause this.
You need to troubleshoot on each media server to find the cause - 
Ensure you have VERBOSE entry in vm.conf on each media server (NBU must be restarted after adding this) and bptm logs at level 3 on all media servers.
After above has been done, check relevant media server after next status 84. Check bptm log and system log (/var/adm/messages on Solaris). 
/usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/errors file will also be helpful to distinguish between media and tape drive errors.

About media server 'Active for Disk' :
- this could be insufficient license keys on media server (check for Library Based Tape Drive license) 
- or else comms issue between master and media server.  "This "state change" occurs when a heartbeat / handshake does not complete successfully on a timed 5 minute interval between a master server and media server. " See this TN: