Backup failing with error 58

Hi All, I am facing issue on 1 client.Backups are failing with error 58. bptestbpcd command also getting failed with error 25. For this client, sql backup is congigured. Telnet is working fine from master to client and vice versa on ports 1556, 13724, 13782. Firewall is disabled on client. Also we have checked there is no network firewall too. We have uninstall and reinstall the netbackup client and also rebooted client mutiple times... I am wotking with veritas engineering but no success since 1 month.... any further help would be appreciated.
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Re: Backup failing with error 58


Is the master server and media server the same ?

Are you testing bptestbpcd only for master or also for media server ?

Does this client has multiple nic ? Disable other nics if possible and check 

Check your host file and DNS for name resolution forward and reverse

Can you add ip address to registry on clients server list and on master server additional servers add this ip and see if it works..


Please share nbsu form the client if possible




Re: Backup failing with error 58

Hi Master and media servers are diffirent servers. And bptestbpcd is not working from any nbu servers Yes client has mutiple NIC(2 nic). One for production traffic and another for backup traffic. Disabling prodution nic is not possible. Server is using DNS, forward and reverse lookup is working fine. We have tried after making entries in host file but no luck. Can you please specify more about that ip address entry in server and addition server list ? I did not get it... Servers added with hostname on master. If you mean to add entry of preffered network interface that we have done but no luck. I will share the nbsu log soon.

Re: Backup failing with error 58

On the client, what output do you get from the folloiwng command:


bpclntcmd -self

Do they match your configuration on the master server?

Re: Backup failing with error 58

Can you show us output of bptestbpcd command with -debug -verbose options? And upload .txt version of client's bpcd log?

Re: Backup failing with error 58

Hi Marianne,


I have uploaded the bpcd log and bptestbpcd command out. please check. Name has been changed as below. media02.domain2.pvt, media03.domain2.pvt ..... are media servers. client-bkp.domain.pvt masterserver.domain2.pvt


Re: Backup failing with error 58

There is no record in bpcd log of any connection attempt from the master or media server. All we see is TCP error 10022 at more or less the time of bptestbpcd. I found this post with similar error: