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Backup failures due to AV Software Trend Micro

Level 5

Hi Team,

We are facing a strange problem - 

We have Netbackup 7.7.3 installed on Windows 2012 R2 server and have media server 7.7.3 also on Windows 2012 R2.

Storage target used is DataDomain.

We have TrendMicro AV installed on our master server and media server. This TrendMicro softwre us causing continosuly backup failure.

If we disable TrendMicro, backup completes successfully, however when enabled all jobs fail.

I have opened cases with both the vendors Trend Micor and VERITAS, still they are not able to solve the issues.


I would like to know if anyone faced same issue with TrendMicro, and what action has been taken.


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Similar issues have been seen with multiple different AntiVirus products.  It is recommended to set the AV to skip the NetBackup directories, in some cases this resolves the issues.

In other cases it is found that even stopping the AV services do not help.

I recently had a case, with Trend Micro causing slowness in backups /network errors, despite Trend being set to skip the NBU directories.  This appears to be caused by the Trend Micro Anti Malware Driver / filter driver still monitoring NBU processes (even though it is set to not do this).

It has been accepted by Trend Micro that the issue caused by them, and they are activley working to resolve the issue. There is no fault/  nothing that can be done in NBU to resolve this.

In summary - for cases like these, and to be very 'direct' - 3rd party software is breaking NetBackup.  As a first point call, the issue should be logged with the 3rd party vendor (which I appreciate you have done). 

Editted to add that completly uninstalling Trend should work around the issue as this removes the drivers which are still present in the Kernel even when the sofware is disabled.