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Backup is slow while taking from Netapp Cifs filer to DSU on SAN

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I have Netbackup 7.5.6 master server on windows 2003 R2 Enterprsie Edition. we have a Netapp FAS2240-2 CIFS Filer.

I have create a policy to take backup of my CIFS filer (file server) actually current size of filer is appx 410 GB.


We have created a DSU's on Netapp SAN for primary copy, then secondary copy will be copied to TAPE using stagging.

when i take backup from netapp cifs filer to DSU, it took too much time , around 12-13 hours for full backup.


I want to know is any guidence or suggestion to improve the speed to minizime the backup windows time.


While from SAN to TAPE it took 4 hours.






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What is backup speed to disk for other backups? Like normal Windows clients or backing up folders on the master/media server to disk?

Please bear in mind that 2 factors are involved with CIFS backup:

Read speed on NAS disk and network transfer rate to master/media server.

To speed up the backup, you can possibly multistream the backup as follows:

Check Host Properties -> Master -> Global Properties 
Verify that Max Jobs per Client is set to higher than 1. (4 is a good average).

Storage Unit 'Maximum concurrent jobs' set to higher than 1 (minimum of 4)

Schedule in Policy: set MPX to 4.

Select Allow Multiple Data Streams in Attributes
In Backup Selection, break down in multiple entries, e.g.

The above will activate 4 simultaneous streams to Disk Storage and should complete in about 1/4 of the time.


Hope this helps.

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Dear Marianne van den Berg


Thanx for your nice reply, Actually i have already divide my client file selection into 2 chuncks, 


\\filer\filer pool

\\Filer\Home folders\


i am getting good speed on my other clients of linux around 60-90 per MB, and on windows its around 60 per MB, 


But in filer case its not good, some time shows 40 per MB, but normally around 10-15 per MB,

Secondly above mention Global settings are almost same as mention....







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The fact that performance is good from other clients means that the problem is with filesytem read speed on the NAS or with network connection between master and NAS filer.

Other than increasing number of streams, I cannot see anything else that can be done from NBU side.

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The best use NDMP protocol for NetApp (CIFS).

You can change 1 or 2 FC port from Target to Initiator, add Tape library and drive to same zone NetApp SAN. After you can create user NDMP on the filer-After on master or media server add credentional NDMP.

Create snapshot on the volume CIFS. Create policy NDMP on the master server. Create volume pool for NDMP policy. NDMP policy add folder to backup

\\Filer\Home folders\.snapshot\date or name snapshot.

I think the speed of backup will be increase more 100MB/s