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Backup of a big file server with accelerator needs 6 hours

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I have files servers with several millions of files... Even with NBU Accelerator, backup is still long.

Exemple : 6 Heures pour 3,6 millions de fichiers et 376 Go.

Do you think this is normal behavior  - is there some "best pratices" to do this backup faster ?

Note : there is less than 1% of files modified.



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Do you see the time difference between the first Full backup after enabling the accelerator and the later full backups?

does it taking the same time?


or in other words.. how much time is it taking without accelerator ?

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I think the first backup was slower but I do not remember of the exact duration.

Even if no file has been modified, the backup is very long.

Below, you can see a copy of the Job monitor report... there are no new file (accelerator savings is 100%), but backup duration is about 6 hours.

Client Name Job Duration Job File Count Schedule/Level Type Protected Data Size(MB) Accelerator Enabled Accelerator Data Sent (MB) Accelerator Savings(MB) Accelerator Optimization % Deduplication Enabled Post Deduplication Size(MB) Deduplication Savings (MB) Total Optimization % (Accelerator + Deduplication) Job Status
p01 05:56:05 3657582 Full 385556,96 Yes 0 385556,96 100 No 385556,96 0 0 Successful



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On Windows the use of Journal should speed up the backup especially one with few changes, worth looking into if are not already using the journal and the file server in question is Windows

We will be better able to answer you question if you post Job details from this backup

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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Be VERY carefull using change will create a change journal file on your default netbackup client install drive. I have a couple servers with multi-million files on them. I turned on change journal to try to speed up the backup....since I had the client agent installed on the C:\ drive....the change journal file filled up my C: drive and crashed the server. I un-installed the agent and re-installed on another drive and re-ran the backup. When the backup finished...the change journal file turned out to be 120GB and the backup ran 30minutes less than it was running. To me it was NOT worth it. The best method I have found for LOTS of little files is flashbackup.

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I have another case (server is a W2008R2 with MSDP) :

After migration from 7.5 to 7.6, deduplicated backups with accelerator are 4-6 times longer.
But even in 7.6, just after a reboot, duration become fast again only one time... and then subsequent backups are again 4-6 times longer !

I was ine I have applied but nothing has changed !

Is anyone seen something similar ?

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Seems nobody has seen this.

Have you logged a Support call with Symantec?