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Backup on server - 58 failed

Level 3

Backup on client XXXXX for user root by server XXXX1 failed.

 Status = can't connect to client.


What is the reason for this issue?


Level 4

Find the attach forum


STATUS CODE 58: Can't connect to client. Troubleshooting procedures for Status 58 errors.

Level 6
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Most of the time the problem is caused by client not able to resolve server's IP address to a hostname that appears in client's SERVER list.
Another cause is firewall blocking port connection. Depending on you exact NBU version, port 13724 (vnetd) or PBX (1556) needs to be open in both directions between server XXXX1 and client XXXXX.

This error message has been covered many times over the last couple of days, weeks and months on this forum.


Troubleshoot as follows:

1) Create bpcd log folder on client XXXXX.

2) Run bptestbpcd command on server XXXX1 with '-verbose -debug' switches.

3) Check bptestbpcd output as well as client's bpcd log for errors.

Level 4

Apart from The Nebackup connectivity comand , we need to check Connectivity comand from the OS end

try ping , telnet <host> bpcd / 1556 and traceroute the IP address will give you pointer if right route is been added or not.


Check if the Local firewall is enabled and most important if ther is Symantec end point protection please update it or chnage the rules in there

Level 6
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Hi ,

Please check for the forward lookup : bpclntcmd -hn <client server name>

and reverse lookup : bpclntcmd -ip <IP of media server>

As per Maria : Go for the bptestbpcd ; u will get the exact cause.