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Backup task taking too long

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Good day dear team.


My concern was that our backup is taking too long, let me explain how its configured.


We have 1 tape per day (mon, tue, wed, thu) with retention period of 7 days

Its a Diferencial Incremental Backup

We always expire the tape with a command line "bpexpdate"

We have at least 90gb, worth of raw data, "60gb being installers and software" that doesnt get modified on a daily basis at all, so we have aprox 10gb files that gets modified daily, at most.


But i noticed that the backup is copying files that hasnt been modified in months, neither the subfolders, which is probably why is taking so long, my guess is that we shouldnt use the command or else it wont have a track of what has been backup'ed up to date... but im no expert in this.


Any input will be very apreciated.

Attaching 2 screenshots.

First SS is an active session, notice the file being copied currently is an installer. On the second SS appears the same folder with a date of last modification in 2014







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NBU uses Archive Bit by default to determine what needs to be backed up. So, either the Archive Bit is not cleared at the end of the backup or else something in the environment is setting it again. Try to change backups for this client to use Timestamp instead for Incr backups. Host Properties -> Clients -> (Client name) -> Windows Client

Level 3

Thank you for the reply Marianne, will try your suggestion this weekend :)

Level 3

Hi Marianne, the provided solution did not work, its still taking almost 12 hours to complete.


I attatched the current config in a second screenshot, maybe you can see something wrong in it that may cause this huge delay. :(

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You did take another Full backup after changing the setting? 


Some other things: 1) 2M/sec throughput 2) waited for full buffer 1.4M times, delayed 2.6M times 

Your client cannot deliver data fast enough to the tape.  Old hardware?  Slow network?