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Backup to Basic Disk using database agent fails - file system backup works OK

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I'm seeing a very strange problem I'd appreciate some assistance with.  My NetBackup environment:

  • Master Server = Windows 2012 R2
  • Media Server = CentOS 7.6
  • Client = Windows 2012, RHEL 6
  • NetBackup Version = 7.7.3

Problem I'm seeing:

On the Media Server, I have configured a Basic Disk Storage Unit "/NBUBACKUP".  I have configured a bunch of backup policies to backup to this Storage Unit.  The backup policies that backup the File System, e.g. the C drive, D drive, / all work OK and all write their backup images onto the Basic Disk Storage Unit without a problem.  They all complete with status code 0

However, when backing up a database, e.g. MS-SQL, Oracle, if I set this to backup to the Basic Disk Storage Unit, the backup starts, it goes into the state "writing" and no data is written to the Basic Disk Storage Unit - it just sits there doing nothing until cancelled.

This is a very weird problem - backups of File Systems work perfectly, backups using a database agent (MS-SQL, Oracle all produce the same result) do not work.

Any ideas what to look at?



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Do you have any other STU in the environment (e.g. tape)? 
Have you tried to config DB backups to other STU?

Have you configured any logs on master, media server and DB clients?

You will need to dig into the logs to investigate the process flow.

Firstly, check the Job details for PIDs of NBU processes, then follow these PIDs through the logs:

On master, bprd (if the folder does not exist, restart NBU after creating the folder)
On media server, bpbrm and bptm
On DB client : dbclient.

If you want forum members to assist with troubleshooting, please post Job Details of parent and child job(s), and upload all logs as .txt files (rename logs to reflect process name, e.g. bprd.txt)

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