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Backup with NBU 6 of VMware through VCB with Independant disk

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Dear All,

We are installed NBU 6 on server. We are taking Vmware host backup through vcb. In that we are taking backup by disabling “independent disks” option in VMware Hard Disk properties of VM host. What is the procedure if we will taken a backup of selecting “independent disks”.

Please reply.


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"independent disks"  by definition are excluded from snapshot of VM.

If you're looking for RDM backup, they are supported starting from NBU 6.5.4 (latest patchlevel at the moment)

You can use VCB for your base system and hardware assisted snapshots with alternate client for your RDM disks.
Unfortunately it will be two backups instead of one, so you have to think how to synchronize them. According to the latest compatibility list it should work 

Support for NetBackup in a virtual environment

Have a look into this document Veritas NetBackup™ for VMware Administrator's Guide, version 6.5.4   Appendix A for further detail how to setup RDM backup with alternate client: