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Backuping an Exchange enviroment.

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Hi all,

I have the following scenario, Netbackup 7.6.04 with a special network for backup, from this network the backups are made to the Exchnage servers. There are Exchange 2010 with two active servers where the databses move from one server to another. We made a policies to backup the databases, the policies don't know where they are, so if they are in other server the policy fail, so I need to change the policy every time that this occurs.

What is the best policy that we can do for search the databases automatically?

Remember that the NBU is inside of network backup, different than the production network, so inside of this network there aren't an Exchange cluster.


Carlos Espinoza



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Hi Carlos !

Not really clear to me where your problem is. Do you have a Exchange DAG ? There is a solution for.

Seems you have a HA-Cluster !?

Simply add a virtial Host located in backuplan to every servicegroup. Use this virtual host as client in your policy.

Possible you need the No.Restriction touch-file in ALTNAMES drirectory on Master.




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In out Exchange backup policies we simply name the DAG and Netbackup and Exchange figure it all out:. Is that what you are doing?  (see attached).

We dont name the databases in the policy.

The policy type should be MS-Exchange-Server with the proper server attributes specified.

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If my understanding is correct, you are using local nodenames for DAG /cluster backup because you have a separate backup network in place, right?

If so, you can read up in NetBackup for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator's Guide

Search for 'private network' in this manual. 

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Unfortunately, we don't tell how to back up Exchange over a private network in the NetBackup for Exchange admin guide. We only say (many times) that you have to configure the Distributed Application Mapping so that NetBackup security will let your clients access the backup image.

I found this TechNote that gives guidance regarding the network configuration: 000032498, Best Practices for configuring NetBackup for Exchange over a backup network.

However, I don't think that's exactly the original question, which I think is, "How do I make sure that I get all my databases backed up when I do this, since they may move from one mailbox server to another?" Could you clarify the question by telling us what you've done, and the client name(s) and backup selections that you're using?

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No reply from @carlos_espinoza since last Thursday... ? Smiley Frustrated

It will help if we can get clarification of the actual requirement.... 

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in the backup policy for Exchange, have you configured already the Exchange attribute and that you are backing up the DAG instead of the individual servers?