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Backups Run Twice?

Level 3

Hi Guys


I am having this issue of my backups running twice for wach machine it backs up. I am unable to pinpoint where the issue lies.


I tried to reduce the backup window through the scheduler on each policy however the duplicate jobs still ran and then complained of the time window closing.


My backups start at 6pm and usually end by 1pm the next day. I have a feeling it is to do with the frequency on the schedule which is set to 13hours. However Ive never had this issue before with this setting?


What else should I watch out for?


your help is much appreciated.


Kind Regards 


Level 6
Are these running unders same schedule or the second one is from different schedule under same policy?

Level 3

If you think it might be frequency, then can you change it to 1 day?


What is your back up window set at?

Level 6

Try removing the workslists which requires a NBU shutdown but is probable that something is hanged there running duplicated backups.




Level 3

Is BMR selected in the policies?


We use BMR and it will create 2 jobs for each client.  One master job that in the activity monitor does not appear to have a schedule and one child job that is list with a schedule.


I am not sure if the same hold true with a True Image Restore selection but it may be.